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Att köra en sjua - Top Gear resonerar i ämnet


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Den underhållande texten om hur man får trassla redan innan man startat motorn sitter perfekt. Spot on som man säger in english.

Top Gear

a) Assemble your Supersport from the large box of important metal bits and bolts. If you are a decent mechanic, this will take you about 90 hours. If you are TopGear, this will take several years. Alternatively, you can pay Caterham an extra £3,000 to assemble your car for you. This is probably a better idea.

b ) Post yourself, and your legs, into the skinny composite race seat.

c) Fish out the straps from various anatomical crevices and fasten the four-point race harness.

d) Realise you are pressing all three pedals simultaneously with your right foot because your shoes are too wide. Decide it would be wise to change shoes.

e) Unfasten the four-point race harness.

f) Unpost yourself from the skinny composite race seat.

g) Buy slimmer shoes.

h) Discover that, in the time it has taken you to build the car and buy new shoes, it has started raining. The Supersport does not have a roof or a windscreen and therefore cannot be used in the rain.

i) Wait for it to stop raining. If you live in Britain, this may take several months.

j) Post, fasten, etc.

k) Discover you have left the keys in the pocket of your jeans and cannot extricate them from under the harness straps.

l) Unfasten, unpost, etc. Remove keys from pocket. Repost, refasten.

m) Discover rear-view mirrors are pointing at the floor. Realise you cannot reach rear-view mirrors when harnessed down...

und so weiter...

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Exakt! Just nycklarna brukar jag lyckas med ganska frekvent.

Dessutom ska alltid medpassagerarens bälten justeras efter att man själv satt sig tillrätta vilket leder till ytterligare en omgång...


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Och så avslutar de

The Supersport feels like nothing else on the road, the cheery, impractical result of Caterham's fifty-odd years of sharpening the Seven to a very pointy point. For £19,995 (plus that necessary £3000 for assembly, plus £40 for a pair of narrow shoes), nothing offers so much entertainment per pound. Or per kilo.

Klockrent! :racesmile:

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Listan kan göras hur lång som helst. :)

Lägg till huvudströmbrytare och handbroms som man inte räcker när man är fastspänd i sätet. När man fixat det och ska köra, då har man glömt stänga garagedörren. ;)

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Det vanligaste som jag glömmer i samband med Seven-utflykt är Ratten. Av tio gånger får jag gå in igen 6 eller 7 gånger pga jag glömde ta med ratten ut. Det gäller också att ta med rätt ratt till rätt bil för Snap-off fästen har olika borrning så mina hittills tre olika rattnav har alla olika borrning (vilket är korrekt).

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