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Fick idag nyhetsbrev från DIYAutotune.com (MEGASQUIRT) I sin marknadsföring tänker de börja använda Facebook. Beroende på hur många besökare de får kommer de att erbjuda ordentliga rabatter. Om genomslaget blir "stort" så kommer de att ge upp till 25% rabatt. Funderar du på att köpa Megasquirt så kan du knappast komma billigare undan. Klistrar in texten från nyhetsbrevet

Starting today August 17th, through next Wednesday, August 24th, we need you to A) Like our Facebook page yourself, and B) invite all of your friends to 'Like' our Facebook page also, and get them to invite their friends, and so on.

Starting with the ~2000 likes we have now as the baseline, for every 100 NEW 'likes' that we receive over the next week, we'll give all of our Facebook fans a coupon for 1% off for each 100 new likes we receive. There are thousands of you receiving this, so if you pitch in and help this should be pretty easy to accomplish.

If in a week we have 2500 total likes, you get a 5% coupon, if in a week we have 4500 likes or more, you get a whopping 25% off of anything in the store. Maximum discount is 25%, but if you guys blow the roof off this thing and run the number up way beyond that we'll have to do something extra for you too. Maybe shave our heads and reinact the YMCA music video (as seen on Youtube). OK, that's not likely. But we'd do something, maybe some bonus stickers or something ;).

To 'Like' our Facebook page yourself, just click any of the Facebook links on this page, and once there and logged into your Facebook account, click 'Like' near the top right of the screen (right next to the bolded DIYAutoTune.com at the top)

Then to tell others about it and REALLY get the links building up, look near the bottom of the text/images on the left of that page. Click the 'Share' button, and tell your friends about us and the killer deal we're running here. They can get the discount too if they join in the fun. Tell them to tell their friends, and so on!

Also, hit up your favorite discussion forums or car club board and let people know. Let's see how many we can get going!


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