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Left driver chassis


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Hello everybody,

I'm French, but living in Sweden. I'm learning Swedish, but my Swedish is still too bad to be able to write and read on this forum in Swedish, so I try to post in english. All my apologies for that. I'm usually on the "locostbuilder.co.uk" forum, but as my problem concerns a problem British guys have hard time to help with, I try here, as I'm sure some of you already encountered the problem I have while building my chassis.

I'm building a Haynes roadster (Chris Gibbs book). I want to make a left steering wheel chassis. If I build the chassis as it is described in the book, the room on what is the passenger side will be to small to fit a pedal box for the driver. My idea is to reverse all the non-symmetrical tubes, which means the transmission tunnel, U7 and U8. But my concern is : will the gearbox fit with such a change ? I will use a 5 gear T9 gearbox from a 2.0i Sierra, but I don't have it yet, so I can't make any try. I guess the gear box is perfectly symmetrical and centred, so it should not be any problem, but could anybody please confirm I can do that ? How did you guys make a left driver car from the designed right driver chassis ?

I have to start the building of my transmission tunnel now, so I want to be sure.

Thanks to all of you.


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Hi there!

I just reversed the tubes as you mention. So far it seems to be enough room for the gearbox.

I have the engine and the gearbox in place (Opel/Vauxhall engine with a Ford t9 gearbox) but havent started the engine yet. Not quite there but soon...


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Hello guys,

Thank you very much for your replies. The amendment from Chris Gibbs has been very useful, thanks Unaimed.

My transmission tunnel and the steering wheel support are now in place !


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