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Steering extension tube


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Hello everybody,

Sorry to write in English, but I think this topic has a better place here than in the foreign section, hope you guys will not take offence.

I live in Sweden and I'm building a Haynes Roadster (Chris Gibbs book). I have now to extend my steering column. SFRO says to be very careful with this part of the build, and honestly, I would prefer changing the column to a long splined shaft rather than cutting the Sierra steering shaft and welding an extension tube.

But anyway, I'm struggling to find supplier for ether one or the other option. As you guys are from here, you might know suppliers I don't know. Could you please let me know, if you can, who could supply me with:

- 1 : a splined shaft with Ford splines pattern (9/16'' x 36 splines), custom length (about 700mm) ?


- 2 : 1m of round thick wall tube (inside diameter : 15mm, wall thickness between 3mm and 5mm, length 1m) ? My usual steel supplier (Stål och Verktyg) don't want to sell less than 6m, when I don't need even 1m, so I don't want to wast money in that.

Thank you very much in advance for your help.


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Thank you Peter,

Yes, JannE's solution is amazing (as his whole built!).

I actually have a good idea of what I want to do, the problem for me is finding the material here in Sweden. Any suggestion about where I could find splined shafts and/or short length of thick-wall tube?



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I had a lot of trouble finding a splined shaft for my steering. I think I talked to 10 machine shops, nobody wanted to do it. It's a lot of work machining splines.

I finally had an extreme amount of luck and found a shaft in the right length and splines on ebay. I have old Volvo parts in my steering assembly and they have the same splines as some American cars.

So my advice is to try and fix your steering assembly with parts that don’t need custom made splined shafts.

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