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Vilket kit?


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Har allvarliga planer på att beställa ett kit snart.

Men jag velar fram å tillbaka vilken man ska välja.

De 2 som det står mellan nu är MK Indy eller Marlin Sportster. Så antingen Ford eller BMW som grund.

Alla åsikter är välkomna.

MK Indy

Marlin Racing

Men är det nån som har erfarenhet av dessa andra?

Stuart Taylor


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Hallo Jonte!

jag håller på med ett Mk Indy BYgge och är pågång att göra besiktning #1. Du får komma och titta på mitt bygge om du vill och även om det är andra som vill,så är ni välkomna.Jag finns i Vänersborg.

mvh Leffe

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Jag läste prcis på BEC forumet på Yahoo att killen som har MK verkar ha spårat ur helt :huh:

Behandlat kunder illa, ställt in ordrar mm. Han verkar utbränd helt enkelt.

Ja, ja, hoppas det ordnar sig för alla verkar nöjda med deras produkter!!

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Här är det ursprungliga inlägget:

Hi all,

Just thought I'd mail and tell you all of my bad experience with Mk

on Sat.

Still very angry and upset with the way I was treated.

I arrived there about 10.30 all was well really looking forward to

getting/building the kit. Pulls the van up and the guys load the van up,

the kit looks great well chuffed, chat to a few guys, John Ison was there

in his Indy ( sounds great ) and another guy with a black R1 indy, 40 mins

pass then Martin comes over asking is all ok and all parts present, I say

that I'm very happy with the way the kit looks and can't wait to start (

all's well so far ) I say that everything is there apart from the modified

propshaft and gear selector, he goes away and comes back saying that the

reason the propshaft isn't ready is because he needs the measured between

engine and diff ( I thought you've had my engine for a week and the diff

only locates in one place the measurements could have been done easily), I

say no problem as I don't need it for a few months. I ask how will I get

it as 190 round trip is a bit far to come for just the shaft, I was going

to say its best to get this couriered up to me as I've been down here 3

times ( nearly 600 miles ) I was told when I ordered, as I'm getting the R1

fitted he would need the engine and all parts the week before so they would

be done and ready to pick up with the kit but before I could he went mental

( I realize that he just lost his dad ) he said get the lot out of the van

and put it on the grass, I thought he was joking, he said it again I

couldn't believe what he was saying, I asked him if I had said something

that offended him. He said that nobody talks to me like that and that our

relationship was finished, go deal with somebody else, never deal with me

again. I just could not believe the whole thing was happening, all this

waiting for the kit, over a year of saving and to be told that was beyond

me. He stormed off shouting and raving goes into his unit and shouts to

Steve " you go and sort him out, I don't want nothing else to do with him"

Steve comes out checks the contents of the van, I asked him to try to sort

this problem out before I went ( I'm very easy going and wanted to leave on

a good note ) he just said I'm not getting involved and that was that. I

asked my mate who came down with me, did I say or do anything offensive, he

just smiled and said the guys lost it, nothing you said was out of order.

I spoke to another guy he just shrugged and smiled and said that he has

sacked his workers 3 times this week ( very strange, I think he needs a


I paid my money and off back to Bolton SHOCKED. I thought, give him half

an hour and he might be ok, rang MK I was even going to apologize just to

clear the air, Martin answered all happy, he asked who it was, I told him

and he put the bloody fax machine on, I kept saying hello but no answer, 3

minutes I hung up, very disappointed.

I have no build manual, no propshaft, no gear selector and now no supplier.

I just hope it all fits together or else I'm goosed. I wish I'd gone with

Westfield my first choice, I know they're dearer but at least I would have

had backup.

I haven't touched the kit yet as I'm still bloody angry, I was in business

a few years back and you just can't talk to customers like that.

Well one good thing came out of this, my mate was going to order an indy

blade kit on Sat, he had his cheque book on him, he has now said that

there's no way he's buying from him.

Well off to buy some sikaflex tonight and start the build




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