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I'm living in Sweden and I'm building a Haynes Roadster.

I'm selling Ford Sierra parts that can be used on Locost/Haynes Roadster or other kit cars.



There are a lot of pictures of the parts for sale and detailed descriptions.

Please send me a pm if interested, or directly an email on my address: sylvain.3design@gmail.com

If you speak English, you can also call me on my cellphone : 0737235664

Part for sale are:

2 Ford Sierra front uprights : 200 kr for the pair. Weight = 12kg.

1 complete Ford Sierra steering column : 200 kr. Weight = 5kg.

1 master Ford Sierra cylinder with brake fluid reservoir : 110 kr. Weight = 2 kg.

2 front Ford Sierra brake callipers : 165 kr for the pair. Weight = 6 kg.

2 Ford Escort MK1/2 track rod ends : 40 kr for the pair. Weight = 1kg.

Parts for sale separately, or the whole lot for 580 kr = saving 30%

Total weight : 27 kg

Payment by Paypal or cash if you collect the parts.

I live in Smalland, Växjö area.

I'm also selling the body-shell of my Sierra donor, with a lot of Sierra parts included. Please check my blog here:


Thank you.



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