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My SFRO1 inspection (Haynes Roadster)

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First, again, sorry about the English, but I really can't write in Swedish yet.

For those who don't know me (I can't say I'm very active on this forum), I'm French, live in Sweden, and almost 3 years ago, I have started building a Haynes Roadster (Chris Gibbs book). There is a link to my build blog in my signature, but it is not really up to date, but that can give you an idea of what I'm building.

Yesterday, I've been to my first SFRO inspection, and I thought it could be interesting for other members if I shared my experience here.

Well, I'm happy to say: it went pretty well in my opinion!

First the inspector made me talk about my build, the construction of the chassis, the parts I fitted, their origin, the technical choices I've made. There has been also a bit of paperwork, and I think he appreciated the way I planned the car, and the fact that I could answer all his question straight away. I think, among other things, they want to know and figure out the way you are thinking, planning, etc. I gave him a 3 page memo (same as the example from page 14 and 15 of SFRO's manual), and I think it is good to do that. The memo has to be completed, as the car is not finished yet, and even though he didn't really use it for this first inspection, I think (and I have been told), that it is quite important to have one well detailed, good looking, even with pictures (hidden elements for example).

Then he told me that he couldn't see any major problem with my build, and asked me to make only two small adjustments before the final inspection:

- put one or two extra fitting points on the exhaust, and at least one of them has to be from underneath the exhaust (there is only one now, and the muffler is hanging from it).

- reconnect the rocker-cover breather to the intake manifold or induction pipe. There is just a small breather filter now, and they don't want that, or even an oil catch tank. They want all the vapours to be recycled in the engine to be burnt.

So, nothing really bad :)/>/>

I guess you all know my inspector, as he is Bosse Bildoktorn. I have to say that he has been very friendly, welcoming, nice, with a good sense of humour, and it he spoke English with me very willingly even though he is absolutely not obliged to do so. So very good feelings with him, he is a nice person (and he knows his stuffs!)

For those who are wondering about the shock absorbers angle, topic that has been discussed on the Haynes Roadster section of this forum, SFRO recommends not more than 20° if I remember well, and the shock absorbers on a Haynes Roadster, according to the books design have a 45° angle. My Roadster has been built according to the book specifications, so with the 45° angle, and the inspector didn't stop on it, he didn't even mention it. So I guess it is a recommendation for people who "design" their own car, but not a requirement for builders. So, if some of you are building a Haynes, and are still wondering about that, I think you shouldn't worry too much about that, and stick to the book's design. I know the JanneE hasn't had any problem with that either, he passed SFRO2, and his car has been fully approved with the book's design suspension.

But yesterday was not the best day in Smaland when it comes to weather, and driving there and back, loading and unloading 2 times the Roadster on the trailer in the cold has been a real pain though, the weather was terrible (snow, wind, and slippery roads, all that at night time), but we did it!

So now, the goal is to have the car finished for May or June. I'll get my body kit in 2 or 3 weeks, and now, I have time to strip off the car, send the chassis to sandblasting and powder coating, buy another engine, and finally reassemble everything together.

I'll keep you posted :)/>/> I hope this post will be useful to this forum's member.

Bye for now.




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Hi Sylvain

Glad to hear that everything went well with SFRO 1.

Will follow your link and see your progress.

Best reg


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Hoppas att du kan läsa på svenska :)

Skönt med endast småfel, bara att jobba på nu!

Stort grattis!

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Great Sylvain! :D

You did a wise choice of SFRO-inspector. Bosse is a very nice guy that will give you valuable advise.

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