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  1. Skid plate is a metal casing that protects most important elements and components, located in the engine bay and under carriage of your vehicle. Each skid plate was created especially for a certain vehicle. Moreover, design of a skid plate depends on the car’s body type, engine volume, modification etc. Material: Steel or Aluminum. 10 reasons to mount a skid plate on your vehicle: Freedom of travel Skid plates make it easy to travel freely, take care of your car and save money. Protection from mechanical deformation Skid plates protect most important elements and components, located in the engine bay and under carriage of your vehicle. Protection from dust Due to skid plate engine bay mechanisms and electrical wiring are protected from dust and mud. Aerodynamics Improving aerodynamic characteristics of your vehicle skid plate may have positive impact on your car’s fuel consumption Heating control Skid plates have special ventilation openings for air inlet to secure stability of engine’s temperature level. Corrosion resistance Skid plates are protected with modern and effective powder coating, which inhibits corrosion. Acoustic protection In places of possible contact with vehicle’s bearing elements skid plates are provided with spacers of special rubber which prevent effectively any possible vibration or noise. Serviceability Skid plates are provided with service openings so that oil filter can be easily replaced and oil drained. Security of attachment Designing skid plates engineers take into consideration individual features of a certain car, therefore: • only OE apertures in a vehicle’s body and high quality fastening are used for mounting of a skid plate • skid plates have optimal shape corresponding to a certain vehicle Products rigidity Usage of stamping technology and modern approach to bends designing enables to secure sufficient rigidity of skid plates. Skid plates for ATV Skid plates for ATV not only protect fragile components of ATV, but also let you give custom look to your vehicle. Complete skid plate set includes following elements: · radiator protection · full frame skid plate · A-arm guard set (front+rear) · sidestep protection · swingarm protection (axle suspension) Drain holes are provided for oil drains and to help with clean-up after riding.There’s no cutting or drilling necessary and all mounting hardware is included. We also have wide range of accessories for ATV which especially wanted while riding in extreme conditions: · bumpers · winch mounting plates SKID PLATE GIVES MAXIMUM PROTECTION FOR FRAME, ENGINE, CV, SUSPENSION AND OTHER IMPORTANT COMPONENTS FROM ALL POSSIBLE DANGERS. +37258834888 info@ametox.com www.Ametox.com
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